Amy Jollymore

This Unicef-backed social-emotional learning company wanted to relaunch their website to distribute learning kits. My work focused on developing a brand voice so that two distinct user types felt seen. We also tightened up the user flow and navigation, while respecting the site's existing design.

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UX writing



UX Writer (me)



The project focused on clarifying Tilli’s value proposition for users and driving pre-orders. We also wanted to bring clarity to the CTA.

Funny thing, though—as we began to review the product, we discovered not one but two users hidden within. We needed the site to speak to both.


The site was designed, and written, with investors in mind. (And, yay, that worked.) Now Tilli needed to launch. This meant that new users were going to start visiting the site. Not investors, but parents and teachers.


We wanted to make parents and teachers feel expected and welcomed. To do this, I would make concise updates to key site pages. I would also examine the user flow for opportunities to streamline content.

My focus:

- Talking to two user types

- Articulating the product value

- Clarifying the CTA


The founder and I collaborated on user research into the two user types' needs and pain points, applying research methodologies like user interviews, conversation mining, and competitor analysis. Then I got to work making small, targeted changes to key pages in time for their launch.

Impact of the work

Once we reduced friction in the user flow, the conversion rate increased. We also saw increases in site traffic at launch. Not only at launch, but we saw a sustained increase in site traffic over time.